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This is a helper package that starts the rust-analyzer language server for you.


  1. Install LSP via Package Control.
  2. Install LSP-rust-analyzer via Package Control.
  3. (Recommended) Install the LSP-file-watcher-chokidar via Package Control to enable functionality to notify the server about changed files.


You can edit the global settings by opening the Preferences: LSP-rust-analyzer Settings from the Command Palette.

You can also have a project-specific configuration. Run the Project: Edit Project from the Command Palette and edit the following in the settings object.

    // folders: [
    //   ...
    // ]
    "settings": {
        "LSP": {
            "rust-analyzer": {
                "settings": {

Applicable Selectors

This language server operates on views with the source.rust base scope.

Installation Location

The server binary is automatically downloaded to $CACHE/Package Storage/LSP-rust-analyzer.

Custom Command Palette Commands

LSP-rust-analyzer: Run...

Select a cargo command from the submenu. This spawns a shell with Terminus for tests, checks and executing code.

Note: The Terminus package needs to be installed for this functionality.


LSP-rust-analyzer: Open Docs Under Cursor

Opens the URL to documentation for the symbol under the cursor, if available.

LSP-rust-analyzer: Reload Project

Reloads the project metadata, i.e. runs cargo metadata again.

LSP-rust-analyzer: Expand Macro Recursively

Shows the full macro expansion of the macro at current cursor.