A simple Verlet physics engine written in javascript
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A simple Verlet (pronounced 'ver-ley') physics engine written in javascript.

Particles, distance constraints, and angular constraints are all supported by verlet-js. From these primitives it is possible to construct just about anything you can imagine.


You may use verlet-js under the terms of the MIT License (See LICENSE).


  1. Shapes (verlet-js Hello world)
  2. Fractal Trees
  3. Cloth
  4. Spiderweb

Code Layout

  1. js/verlet-js/vec2.js: 2d vector implementation
  2. js/verlet-js/constraint.js: constraint code
  3. js/verlet-js/verlet.js: verlet-js engine
  4. js/verlet-js/objects.js: shapes and objects (triangles, circles, tires..)

Build for npm

npm run build