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easy open JavaScript and Ruby method def and completion.Textmate Bundle

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EasyOpen TextMate Bundle

Easy Open method, class etc.. support by TextMate

Support Language

  • Ruby

  • JavaScript

Feature List

  • open method in project

  • open recent change file in project

  • open with git status in project

  • open gem

  • code completion


cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git:// EasyOpen.tmbundle

if ruby 1.9.x

git clone git://
cd osx-plist/ext/plist
ruby extconf.rb && make
cp plist.bundle /Applications/

see also

Usage (open def)

  1. run 'create_def_index_file'

  2. move cursor to method name

  3. run 'open_def' => move cursor to def

  4. run 'back_open_def' => back cusor (1.)

Usage(completion => open_def)

  1. type def name (part)

  2. type (esc) current cusor => auto completion def name

  3. run 'open_def' => move cursor to def


rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/EasyOpen.tmbundle
rm -rf ~/.easyopen_tmbundle

Copyright © 2011 Eiji Ienaga, released under the MIT license

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