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This is a Python module that implements the Typekit developers API. It allows you to create, retrieve, delete, update, and publish Typekit kits in Python. You can also get information about a font family and the possible variations of a given font family. It now supports adding and removing font from a kit.

Read the source code if the documentation below isn't enough. It has okay high-level comments for each method.


Install the library using pip:

pip install typekit

Initialize the client with your developer API token. You can get your API token here. All method calls return the JSON representation of the return from calling the Typekit API.

from typekit import Typekit

tk = Typekit(api_token='<API token>')

List kits

To list all your kits, use the following command:


Get kit

To get information about a specific kit, input the kit id as the argument:


Create kit

To create a new kit, use the method create_kit(name, domains, families=None, badge=False). Name and domains fields are required, but the families and badge fields are not.

The arguments are in the following format:

  • name: string
  • domains: string of format 'localhost,,' or a Python list of strings of format ['localhost', '', '']
  • families: list of dictionaries with the following key : values
    • 'id' : font family id (string)
    • (optional) 'variations' : comma separated variations (string).

An example of the families format is: families = [{'id': 'ftnk', 'variations': 'n3,n4'}, {'id': 'pcpv', 'variations': 'n4'}] in which case we would create a kit with the font families Futura-PT and Droid Sans with font variations normal 3 (font-weight:300 and not italicized or strong), normal 4 and normal 4, respectively.

Example usage:

name = 'example typekit kit'
domains = ['localhost', '']
families = [{'id': 'ftnk', 'variations': 'n3,n4'}, {'id': 'pcpv', 'variations': 'n4'}]

tk.create_kit(name, domains, families)

Update kit

To create a new kit, use the method update_kit(kit_id, name=None, domains=None, families=None, badge=False). The only required field is kit_id. Name, domains, families and badge fields are not required.

Field formats are the same as create_kit.

Example usage:

tk.update_kit(kit_id='<kit_id>', name='new name', badge='true')

Remove kit

To remove a kit, use the method remove_kit(kit_id). The kit_id field is required.


Publish kit

To publish a kit, use the method publish_kit(kit_id). The kit_id field is required.


Get font family

To retrieve information regarding a given font family, use the method get_font_family(font). The argument font is a string and can be a Typekit font id or a slug of the font as named in Typekit. The method does not slugify the input, so make sure to slugify it before entering the argument.


Get font variations

To retrieve all possible variations of a given font, use the method get_font_variations(font). The argument is the same as for get_font_family(font). This method returns a Python list of all possible variations of the font.

variations = tk.get_font_variations('futura-pt') # using font slug


variations = tk.get_font_variations('ftnk') # using font id

[u'n3', u'i3', u'n4', u'i4', u'n5', u'i5', u'n7', u'i7', u'n8', u'i8']

Add font to kit

To add font to kit, use the method kit_add_font(kit_id, font, variations=None). Arguments for this method is the same format as the ones above, BUT variations should be in list. Returns nothing.

tk.kit_add_font('kit_id', 'futura-pt', [n3,n5,n7])

Remove font from kit

To add font to kit, use the method kit_remove_font(kit_id, font). Arguments for this method is the same format as the ones above, BUT variations should be in list. Returns nothing.

tk.kit_remove_font('kit_id', 'futura-pt')

Other methods

get_kit_vals(kit_id) - Retrieves kit vals in a list of format: [name, domains, families, badge]

get_kit_fonts(kit_id) - Retrieves a list of font ids in a given kit

kit_contains_font(kit_id, font) - Checks to see if a font exists in a kit.


MIT Licence


Python wrapper for the Typekit API







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