Source of Arduino sketches that I use for my Arduino Robotics workshop
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Arduino Robotics Workshop

This repo contains the source code samples and other files that I use for my Robotics using Arduino workshop.

About Workshop

I conduct an Arduino workshop which consists of hands-on sessions, where you can learn about Arduino and then use that knowledge to build a fully autonomously bot from scratch.

You can find the dates for the next batch and other details about the workshop here.

File structure

The following is the rough details about the different files present in this repo.

  • Digital - This folder contains sample code explaining Arudino's digital functions
    • DigitalRead
    • DigitalWrite
  • Analog - This folder contains sample code explaining Arudino's analog functions
    • AnalogRead
    • AnalogWrite
  • Serial - This folder contains sample code explaining Arudino's serial and Software serial functions
    • SerialPrint
    • SerialWrite
    • two_arduino_serial - sketch which explains how to make two Arduino's talk to each other through serial
  • IR - This folder contains sample code explaining how to use IR sensors
    • TestIR
  • Interrupts
    • SoftwareInterrupts
    • HardwareInterrupts
  • Timers
  • Bot - This folder contains sample code controlling the bot which you will be using during the workshop
    • BasicBot
    • BasicBotUsingLibrary
    • BotWithInterrupt
  • UserContributed - List of sketches which the students came up during the workshop.


The presentations that I use for my workshop are available in my slideshare account.


The following is the kit that I provide as part of my workshop.


The source code is released under "THE BEER-WARE" license.

If you find this helpful, then I would appreciate if you could help spread the word about my Arduino Robotics workshop.

You can also find other ways to make me happy, if you liked this project ;)


All contributions (even documentation) are welcome :)

If you would like to contribute to this project, then just fork it in github and send a pull request.