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Sudo Bot

Let humans do anything they want (to talk to me mention @sudo-robot )


  1. action-pull-request-merge action-pull-request-merge Public

    Merge a pull-request when a specific tag is added

    JavaScript 9 4

  2. action-docker-sign action-docker-sign Public

    Sign your Docker images with DCT

    Makefile 6

  3. action-scrutinizer action-scrutinizer Public

    A GitHub action to send Scrutinizer coverage

    Dockerfile 7

  4. action-doctum action-doctum Public

    A Doctum action

    Shell 4 1

  5. action-pull-request-lock action-pull-request-lock Public

    Close and lock a pull-request

    JavaScript 6 4

  6. docker-phpmyadmin-snapshots docker-phpmyadmin-snapshots Public

    Docker image for phpMyAdmin snapshots

    Shell 1


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