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Conclavity demo


Conclavity is an embeddable, real-time, collaborative text editor for the browser.

This library is inspired by the Conclave editor created by the Conclave-Team. If you enjoy using the Conclave Editor and want to embed it into your own project, this is the library for you.

Note: Chrome 63 introduced a bug that we are currently dealing with. Conclavity still works with older versions of Chrome, Chrome Beta and Firefox.


Installing this editor is as easy as:

1. Install the NPM package

npm install --save conclavity

Conclavity install

2. Create an empty div with an ID of "Conclave"

    <div id="conclave"></div>

3. Include the CSS file

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

4. Create a new instance of Conclavity

// script.js
import Conclavity from 'conclavity';

new Conclavity();

You can then use Browserify -- or any other bundling library -- to modularize the script file.


Conclavity provides an API with options for configurability.

Conclavity(options = {})

Option Default Description
peerId null You can provide your own peerId to the Peer Server
peer null Allows you to create your own instance of Peer Server. If left blank, Conclavity uses a default instance of Peer Server
shareLink true Provides a link to share with other users to collaborate
icons true If set to true, phone icons will appear next to users' name to indicate they can be called
video true Allows the ability for users to do one-on-one video chat
changeUrl true Changes the current URL so if user refreshes page, they will remain in collaboration session with other users
errorMessage true Provides an error message when user gets disconnected from signaling server
showPeers true Show the other peers that are user is collaborating with
peersLeft true The peer lists appear to the left of document if true, otherwise to the right.
placeholder message Specify the placeholder message that will appear in the document. Defaults to Share the link to invite collaborators to your room


// script.js
import Peer from 'peerjs_fork_firefox40';
import Conclavity from 'conclavity';

const peer = new Peer({
  host: location.hostname,
  port: location.port || (location.protocol === 'https:' ? 443 : 80),
  path: '/peerjs',
  debug: 3

const demo = new Conclavity({
  peer: peer,
  shareLink: false,
  icons: false,
  video: false,
  changeUrl: false,
  placeholder: 'This is an example!'


If you have cloned the repository, made changes and want to see how those changes look. You can run

npm run debug

and open up the debug.html file listed under the example folder. You should be able to see any changes you've made.