A Space Invaders emulator, written in C with SDL2 and SDL2_mixer.
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Space Invaders

A Space Invaders emulator, written in C with the SDL2 and SDL2_mixer for sound.

space invaders demo gif


  • full emulation
  • sound
  • colourised screen (can also play in black & white)
  • two-players mode
  • joystick support
  • web export to HTML5 using emscripten

How to build it

You should be able to launch it by running make && ./invaders. It has been tested on macOS 10.13 with clang and debian 8 with gcc 5. You'll need to have the files invaders.e, invaders.f, invaders.g and invaders.h in res/roms. You can also drop the Space Invaders wav files in res/snd if you have them.

To build the .app bundle for macOS, you need to have SDL2.framework and SDL2_mixer.framework file in /Library/Frameworks folder. Then you can open the .xcodeproj file and build the project.

You can also build it for the web if you have emscripten installed (for macOS, install with brew install emscripten). Just run make web to obtain four files invaders.(js|wasm|data|html) which can be hosted on a web server.

How to play

Computer Space Invaders
c insert a coin
return start a game
2 start a game in two-player mode
left move the player left
right move the player right
space shoot
t tilt the machine
F9 toggle between black and white / coloured mode