Sample NodeJS backend for SurveyJS library and Editor
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Sample NodeJS backend for SurveyJS library and Editor

SurveyJS Home Page

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Getting started

  • Install NodeJS
  • Clone this repository in the surveyjs-nodejs folder (and make it current directory via cd surveyjs-nodejs)
  • Install npm packages via the npm i command
  • Run the server via the npm start command

At this point demo surveyjs-nodejs service will be available at the http://localhost:3000 address. If everything is ok, you should see project home page with list of available surveys and links to Survey and Builder pages.

  • You can continue with survey via Run page, go through the survey and post results to the custom service.
  • You can continue with editor via Edit page, change the survey and store survey JSON to the custom service.
  • Saved survey results are available via Results link.

Adding Postgresql database to the backend

  • Install docker on your computer
  • Build postgresql-db docker container via docker build -t postgresql-db . command in the docker/postgresql-db folder
  • Start docker container via the docker run --name dbsrv -p 5432:5432 -d postgresql-db command

Note: if you are familliar with docker and docker-compose, just run docker-compose up from the docker folder instead of above commands.

  • Change db adapter from InMemoryDBAdapter to Postgresql one.