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Sample NodeJS backend for SurveyJS: Survey library and Survey Creator


This demo illustrates how to integrate SurveyJS libraries with NodeJS backend. This demo doesn't cover all of real survey service application aspects, such as authentication, authorization, user management, access levels and different security issues. These aspects are covered by backend-specific articles, forums and documentation. This demo is just a sample of intergration and can't be used as a real service.

SurveyJS Home Page

Live Online Survey and Survey Creator Demo

Getting started

  • Install NodeJS.
  • Clone this repository into the surveyjs-nodejs folder (and make it the current directory via cd surveyjs-nodejs).
  • Install npm packages via the npm i command.
  • Run the server via the npm start command.

At this point, the surveyjs-nodejs demo service will be available at http://localhost:3000. If everything is ok, you should see the project home page with a list of available surveys and links to Survey and Survey Creator pages.

  • You can continue with a survey via the Run page, go through the survey and post results to the custom service.
  • You can continue with Survey Creator via the Edit page, change the survey and store survey JSON to the custom service.
  • Saved survey results are available via the Results link.

Adding Postgresql database to the backend

  • Install docker on your computer.
  • Build a postgresql-db docker container via the docker build -t postgresql-db . command in the docker/postgresql-db folder.
  • Start the docker container via the docker run --name dbsrv -p 5432:5432 -d postgresql-db command.

Note: if you are familliar with docker and docker-compose, just run docker-compose up from the docker folder instead of above commands.

  • Change db adapter from InMemoryDBAdapter to Postgresql one.