Military-grade progressive web apps, powered by Svelte
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Military-grade progressive web apps, powered by Svelte.

What is Sapper?

Sapper is a framework for building high-performance universal web apps. Read the guide or the introductory blog post to learn more.

Get started

Clone the starter project template with degit...

npx degit sveltejs/sapper-template my-app

...then install dependencies and start the dev server...

cd my-app
npm install
npm run dev

...and navigate to localhost:3000. To build and run in production mode:

npm run build
npm start


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Pick an issue and help us out!

To install and work on Sapper locally:

git clone
cd sapper
npm install
npm run dev

Linking to a Live Project

You can make changes locally to Sapper and test it against a local Sapper project. For a quick project that takes almost no setup, use the default sapper-template project. Instruction on setup are found in that project repository.

To link Sapper to your project, from the root of your local Sapper git checkout:

cd sapper
npm link

Then, to link from sapper-template (or any other given project):

cd sapper-template
npm link sapper

You should be good to test changes locally.

Running Tests

npm run test