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Tag List widget plugin for Question2Answer

This is a widget plugin for popular open source Q&A platform, Question2Answer. It is similar to the default tag cloud plugin but instead simply lists the most popular tags in a column, with the default tag style.

Installation & Usage

  1. Download and extract the files to a subfolder such as tag-list-widget inside the qa-plugins folder of your Q2A installation.

  2. Add the CSS below to your theme's stylesheet.

  3. Go to Admin > Plugins and choose how many tags you wish to show (default is 30).

  4. Go to Admin > Layout and click "Add widget" next to "Tag List". Choose the positions and pages, then save.


/* Tag List plugin */
.qa-sidepanel .qa-q-item-tag-item {
	display: block;
	margin: 3px 0 3px 20px;

Pay What You Like

Most of my code is released under the open source GPLv3 license, and provided with a 'Pay What You Like' approach. Feel free to download and modify the plugins/themes to suit your needs, and I hope you value them enough to make a small donation of a few dollars or more.

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