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Fixes to pie's sort function

git-svn-id: 0ecc0d97-ab19-0410-9704-bfe1a75892f5
latest commit a3df8f63db
scooter authored
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WeightedSearch New scoring scheme.
cellcircuits URL correction Updated link to Javadocs
core3 Create 3.0.0 tag.
corelibs moving corelibs into cytoscape to facilitate releasing
coreplugins update to support latest binary interaction types from paxtools libra…
cpos/trunk KaKs stuff
csplugins Fixes to pie's sort function
cyto-performance/trunk fixed the mouseover maps
cyto_retreat/trunk/2007Amsterdam Initial import of retreat 2007 documents
cyto_web added video link
cytoscape Fixed bug in "node select"
cytoscape3-try1/trunk renaming this project
nct removed retro weaving
new_cytoscape_website git-svn-id: 0ecc0d97-ab19-0410-9704…
pathblast fixed typo
pathfinder/trunk Tim's stuff for new small PPI network
tgapipe/trunk removed COSMIC dump from svn, added readmes and documentation
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