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Sveriges Television (SVT)

The Swedish public service television company

Hey, this is SVT's GitHub πŸ‘‹

An illustration showing operation of the ENIAC computer.

Sveriges Television, The Swedish national public TV broadcaster, builds its services with mainly open source products. We aim to be good open source citizens and contribute back to the open source πŸ’— community, by bug fixing or by releasing projects that we think could benefit others. We also aim to be more transparent in general - for example, we have released the algorithm for our Election Compass Matcher.

Using SVT's Open Source Projects πŸ„

See the README and the documentation for the project you wish to use.

Contributing to SVT's Open Source projects πŸ™Œ

Contributing to a SVT-project is easy for anyone used to open source, as it follows the regular GitHub flow. If you are new to all this, look at the GitHub Open Source Guide and you should be all set!

Basically - fork the repository and follow the code guidelines and best practices for that project. Make your changes and send a pull request on GitHub!

πŸ‘“ Appendix

Just let us know if you have any suggestions πŸ™‡

And, we are always looking for talented, passionate people to join us at SVT πŸ™Œ



Image: "Two women operating ENIAC", US Army Photo, Public Domain -


  1. Algorithm for finding matching political views

    JavaScript 17 3

  2. A Docker container development workshop in several chapters, originally held by the Developer Experience team at Sveriges Television AB, the Swedish national public television broadcaster.

    HTML 10 3

  3. encore Public

    Transcode media files in an epic manner

    Kotlin 245 22

  4. Library for building GraphQL queries from fragments. Goes nicely with React.

    JavaScript 11 1

  5. mingla Public

    Mingla is a Slack bot written to stimulate random conversations between colleagues during remote work

    Python 2 2


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