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Swagger Codegen Generators project is a set of classes and templates (Handlebars) used by Swagger Codegen 3.0.0 project in its code generation process for a specific language or language framework. The main differents with Swagger Codegen 2.x.x are:

  • Handlebars as template engine: with Handelbars feature is possible to create more logic-less templates.
  • OAS 3 support: generator classes work with OpenAPI Specification V3.

More details about these and more differences are referenced at


You need the following installed and available in your $PATH:

How to contribute.

Right now the templates and generators classes are migrated from Swagger Codegen 3.0.0 branch. If you want to migrate an existing language/framework, you can follow this guide. Also you need to keep in mind that Handlebars is used as template engines and besides it's pretty similar to Mustache there are different that can not be ignored. So you can follow this guide which explains steps to migrate templates from Mustaches to Handelbars.

Security contact

Please disclose any security-related issues or vulnerabilities by emailing, instead of using the public issue tracker.

License information on Generated Code

The Swagger Codegen project is intended as a benefit for users of the Swagger / Open API Specification. The project itself has the License as specified. In addition, please understand the following points:

  • The templates included with this project are subject to the License.
  • Generated code is intentionally not subject to the parent project license

When code is generated from this project, it shall be considered AS IS and owned by the user of the software. There are no warranties--expressed or implied--for generated code. You can do what you wish with it, and once generated, the code is your responsibility and subject to the licensing terms that you deem appropriate.