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Libswiftnav (LSN) is a platform independent library that implements GNSS utility functions for use by software-defined GNSS receivers or software requiring GNSS functionality. It is intended to be as portable as possible and is written in standards compliant C with no dependancies

LSN does not provide any functionality for communicating with Swift Navigation receivers. See libsbp to communicate with receivers using Swift Binary Protocol (SBP).

To checkout the library run the following commands in an appropriate directory

git clone

Which should checkout the source code


To build the library, run the following commands from the LSN root directory - LSN depends on the latest xcode for MacOSX and cmake

mkdir ./build
cd ./build
cmake ../
make -j4

Build on Docker

The libswiftnav docker image is using a ECR-hosted base image swift-build that contains most swift build tools.

Get swift-build base image from ECR

To be able to pull this base image from ECR, you need to log into AWS (select the SSO-Build-User role) and then into ECR:

aws-google-auth -S 115297745755 -I C02x4yyeb -p default -a -u <username>
$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-west-2 --registry-ids 571934480752)

Build the swift-build base image yourself (without ECR)

Alternatively to the AWS/ECR pull, you can build the base image yourself from the Dockerfile.base: (replace <tag> with the one used by Dockerfile's FROM statement, e.g. 2018-12-20)

docker build -t<tag> modules/docker-recipes/swift-build

Build the libswiftnav image and run container

Now you can build and run the libswiftnav image with

docker-compose build libswiftnav
docker-compose run libswiftnav 

Run a shell in docker

make docker
  • Starts a shell in a container, with the workspace mounted as /mnt/workspace.

Run build in docker

make docker-build

Run clang-format

make docker-lint
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