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Firmware for the Piksi GNSS receiver.
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Latest commit 1bfa034 @denniszollo denniszollo Merge pull request #602 from denniszollo/remove_cw
remove cw channel NAP hooks
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ChibiOS-RT @ 1752a07 Update ChibiOS and Makefile to fix multilib bug when linking
data SIMULATOR: Generates real observation data - pseudoranges and carrier…
docs update NMEA notes message for documentation
ext build: Quieten generation of ext.c
gdb_chibios @ 0859809 ChibiOS thread support from GDB
libopencm3 @ 5830a1e Add libopencm3 as a submodule.
libsbp @ 99c3532 Minor version changed. That's all.
libswiftnav @ f25e2bf update libswiftnav
scripts Remove pyinstaller makefile.
setup/ansible Old version of tools wasn't available in repo
src remove cw targets from makefile
stm32 Removed RTCM support.
tests look up PRN code by sid
.gdbinit ChibiOS thread support from GDB
.gitignore ChibiOS thread support from GDB
.gitmodules ChibiOS thread support from GDB
.travis.yml Travis build on OS X as well Use our own with no fsingle-precision-constant
LICENSE Correcting license
Makefile Add make hitl option to run hitl test. Add Travis badge to README SBP: Fix ephemeris TOC week number sent over SBP
Vagrantfile Fixes to provisioning script.
ansible.cfg Fixes to provisioning script. Document ANSIBLE_SUDO_OPTION option


Build status

Firmware for the Swift Navigation Piksi GPS Receiver.

Documentation available online at

Checking Out Submodules

ChibiOS, libopencm3, libsbp and libswiftnav are submodules of this git repository. Check them out using:

git submodule update --init

Remember to run git submodule update after pulling in the latest changes to ensure all the submodules are in sync.


There are a few options:

  • Normal usage. If you're only using the Piksi console, binary installers (Windows and OS X) are here and source for the console can be found in piksi_tools.

  • Development (native). To install dependencies for the development tools on your platform (OS X, Ubuntu, or Debian), run the setup script in this repository via bash -x install. If you're also building the firmware, you'll need to checkout the submodules as well.

  • Development (VM). The Vagrant file is currently used for testing installation, but can also be used to provision a development VM. To do so, you will need to download VirtualBox and Vagrant, and then run vagrant up trusty in this repository.

For additional details about the toolchain installation, please see .

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