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Symfony Tutorial

This repository includes all the resources you will need to follow the tutorial found on the the following website

Each Tutorial is represented by a different branch, with the master branch representing the initial state of a Symfony project (with some minor differences listed below) ready to be run in Docker.

Creating our template - creating_our_template

Setting up Data objects - setting_up_data_objects

Saving and retrieving data saving_and_retrieving_data

Ready to go User System ready_to_go_user_system

Setting up the admin builder setting_up_the_admin_builder

The Form Builder the_form_builder

A better form a_better_form

Micro Services micro_services

Event Listeners event_listeners

Important Note

If you choose to switch branches during your development, I strongly recommend you run composer install each time as it is possible new Symfony packages are expected.

Running the code in Docker

The Docker image set should be initialised using the shell script which:

  • Sets up the Docker environment for you
  • Performs the initial Symfony install
  • Gets you an interactive shell on the toolchain container

Minor differences in Symfony project

  • The firewall in web/app_dev.php has been disabled so that the project can be properly accessed in a web browser
  • The default parameters.yml.dist has been modified so that the Database defaults are configured for use in Docker
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