Latest commit ce02ad0 Oct 10, 2017 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.4'
* 3.4:
  fix merge
  fix merge
  [FORM] Prevent forms from extending itself as a parent
  fix merge
  Fix 7.2 compat layer
  [DI] Prefixed env vars and load time inlining are incompatible
  bug #24499 [Bridge\PhpUnit] Fix infinite loop when running isolated method (bis) (nicolas-grekas)
  Fix PHP 7.2 support
  [HttpFoundation] Add missing session.lazy_write config option
  [DI] Exclude inline services declared in XML from autowiring candidates
  [HttpFoundation] Combine Cache-Control headers
  [Form] fix parsing invalid floating point numbers
  Escape command usage when displaying it in the text descriptor
  [DI] Throw accurate failures when accessing removed services
  [DI] Turn private defs to non-public ones before removing passes
  Use for=ID on radio/checkbox label.