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[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Config Component -- clone into Symfony/Component/ (master at symfony/symfony)

Merge branch '2.7'

* 2.7:
  [Form] NativeRequestHandler file handling fix
  [VarDumper] Workaround stringy numeric keys
  [HttpKernel] Throw double-bounce exceptions
  [FrameworkBundle] silence E_USER_DEPRECATED in insulated clients
  [minor] composer.json fix
  [minor] composer.json fix
  Fixed absolute_url for absolute paths
  minor #13377 [Console] Change greater by greater or equal for isFresh in FileResource
  [2.3] [HttpFoundation] fixed param order for Nginx's x-accel-redirect

Config Component

Config provides the infrastructure for loading configurations from different data sources and optionally monitoring these data sources for changes. There are additional tools for validating, normalizing and handling of defaults that can optionally be used to convert from different formats to arrays.


You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd path/to/Symfony/Component/Config/
$ composer install
$ phpunit
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