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[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Filesystem Component
Latest commit 5751e80 Apr 12, 2016 @xabbuh xabbuh Merge branch '3.0'
* 3.0: (24 commits)
  [Filesystem] Better error handling in remove()
  [DependencyInjection] Add coverage for invalid Expression in exportParameters
  [DependencyInjection] Add coverage for all invalid arguments in exportParameters
  anonymous services are always private
  [Form] FormValidator removed code related to removed  option
  [Console] Correct time formatting.
  [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed error from unset twig variable
  Force profiler toolbar svg display
  [DependencyInjection] Resolve aliases before removing abstract services + add tests
  Fix Dom Crawler select option with empty value
  Remove unnecessary option assignment
  fix tests (use non-deprecated options)
  remove unused variable
  mock the proper method
  [PropertyAccess] Fix regression
  [HttpFoundation] Improve phpdoc
  [Logging] Add support for firefox in ChromePhpHandler
  Windows 10 version check in just one line
  Detect CLI color support for Windows 10 build 10586
  [Security] Fixed SwitchUserListener when exiting an impersonication with AnonymousToken

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