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[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Security Component
Latest commit 421e01d May 26, 2016 @fabpot fabpot Merge branch '3.1'
* 3.1:
  [Console] SymfonyStyle: Align multi-line/very-long-line blocks
  [Console][DX] Fixed ambiguous error message when using a duplicate option shortcut
  Fix js comment in profiler
  [Ldap] Fixed issue with Entry password attribute containing array of values and made password attribute configurable
  [Serializer][#18837] adding a test
  [Cache] Drop counting hit/miss in ProxyAdapter
  [Serializer] AbstractObjectNormalizer: be sure that isAllowedAttribute is called
  [Serializer] ObjectNormalizer: add missing parameters

Security Component

The Security component provides a complete security system for your web application. It ships with facilities for authenticating using HTTP basic or digest authentication, interactive form login or X.509 certificate login, but also allows you to implement your own authentication strategies. Furthermore, the component provides ways to authorize authenticated users based on their roles, and it contains an advanced ACL system.


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