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[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Translation Component
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* 3.0: (105 commits)
  [Console] remove readline support
  bumped Symfony version to 3.0.3
  updated VERSION for 3.0.2
  updated CHANGELOG for 3.0.2
  [Routing] added a suggestion to add the HttpFoundation component.
  [FrameworkBundle] fix assets and templating tests
  [ClassLoader] fix ApcClassLoader tests on HHVM
  [travis] Add some comments
  changed operator from and to &&
  [DependencyInjection] Remove unused parameter
  [Process] Fix transient tests for incremental outputs
  [Console] Add missing `@require` annotation in test
  Fix merge
  [appveyor] Fix failure reporting
  [#17634] move DebugBundle license file
  Limit Ldap component version for the 3.0 branch
  backport GlobTest from 2.7 branch
  Move licenses according to new best practices
  [FrameworkBundle] Remove unused code in test
  [2.3] Fixed an undefined variable in Glob::toRegex

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composer.json updated version to 3.1
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Translation Component

Translation provides tools for loading translation files and generating translated strings from these including support for pluralization.

use Symfony\Component\Translation\Translator;
use Symfony\Component\Translation\MessageSelector;
use Symfony\Component\Translation\Loader\ArrayLoader;

$translator = new Translator('fr_FR', new MessageSelector());
$translator->addLoader('array', new ArrayLoader());
$translator->addResource('array', array(
    'Hello World!' => 'Bonjour',
), 'fr');

echo $translator->trans('Hello World!')."\n";


Silex integration:


You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd path/to/Symfony/Component/Translation/
$ composer install
$ phpunit
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