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Symfony Maker Bundle
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weaverryan minor #539 fix security logout fixture (jrushlow)
This PR was squashed before being merged into the 1.0-dev branch (closes #539).


fix security logout fixture

#474 changed implemented \LogicException instead of \Exception for make:auth. Fixture still produced \Exception for assertion.


e5cb483 fix security logout fixture
Latest commit 674aa82 Jan 31, 2020

The Symfony MakerBundle

The MakerBundle is the fastest way to generate the most common code you'll need in a Symfony app: commands, controllers, form classes, event subscribers and more! This bundle is an alternative to SensioGeneratorBundle for modern Symfony applications and requires Symfony 3.4 or newer and Symfony Flex.

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Backwards Compatibility Promise

This bundle shares the backwards compatibility promise from Symfony. But, with a few clarifications.

A) The input arguments or options to a command may change between minor releases. If you're using the commands in an automated, scripted way, be aware of this.

B) The generated code itself may change between minor releases. This will allow us to continuously improve the generated code!

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