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* 5.1:
  fix merge
  fix merge
  Remove branch-version (keep them for contracts only)
  [HttpClient] relax auth bearer format requirements
  [PHPUnitBridge] Silence errors from mkdir()
  [DependencyInjection] Preload classes with union types correctly.
  [Serializer] fix decoding float XML attributes starting with 0
  add missing dutch translations
  [TwigBridge] Remove "transchoice" from the code base
  Support PHPUnit 8 and PHPUnit 9 in constraint compatibility trait
  Add expectDeprecation, expectNotice, expectWarning, and expectError to TestCase polyfill
  [String] fix before/after[Last]() returning the empty string instead of the original one on non-match
  Add missing exporter function for PHPUnit 7
  [Validator] Add missing romanian translations
  [String] fix slicing in UnicodeString
  [Cache] Use correct expiry in ChainAdapter
  do not translate null placeholders or titles

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Stopwatch Component

The Stopwatch component provides a way to profile code.

Getting Started

$ composer require symfony/stopwatch
use Symfony\Component\Stopwatch\Stopwatch;

$stopwatch = new Stopwatch();

// optionally group events into sections (e.g. phases of the execution)

// starts event named 'eventName'

// ... run your code here

// optionally, start a new "lap" time

// ... run your code here

$event = $stopwatch->stop('eventName');



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