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Current version : 1.0.0

Redspot is a keyboard-only Redmine Plugin that help users to navigate efficiently and rapidly in redmine features and pages. Inspired by Spotlight.

Installation, Contribution or Theming stuff are explained in the Developer Guide

  1. To launch Redspot type ESC (escape) anywhere in Redmine.
  2. When you type something, the tooltip on the right show you the current action.
  3. Run the action with ENTER

That's all folks !


Go to an Issue

To access issue #12345, just type #12345 in Redspot.

Change project and/or page

You can go to a given page of any project by typing:

/command [projet]

If the first selected result in the list is not the one you want, move in the list with Up or Down arrow keys. Commands can omit the project name if the targeted project is the current one.

Go to Synbioz wiki

Create new issue in Synbiot project

Search anything

You can use the search engine of Redmine directly in Redspot. Start with a bang ! and type the wanted words.

Add spaces between composed names.

Create a new project

If you didn't type any command and no project is found, Redspot allow you to create a new project.

Available commands

Name (FR) /command Destination
Activity /a, /activity /activity
Roadmap /r, /roadmap /roadmap
Issues /#, /i, /issues /issues
New Issue /+, /new /issues/new
Gantt /g, /gantt /issues/gantt
Calendar /c, /calendar /issues/calendar
News /n, /news /news
Documents /d, /documents /documents
Wiki /w, /wiki /wiki
Wiki by date /wd /wiki/date_index
Wiki by title /wt /wiki/index
Files /f, /files /files
Settings /s, /settings /settings