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Essential JS 2 QuickStart

This project is a skeleton application used to create Essential JS 2 web application.

The application contains Essential JS 2 button component for preview and all common settings are preconfigured.

Getting Started

To get started you need to clone the ej2-quickstart repository and navigate to ej2-quickstart location.

git clone quickstart
cd quickstart


We can get all the Essential JS 2 components in a single npm package ej2.

We already configure the required packages in the package.json file.

You can run the below command to install all dependent packages related to this seed project.

npm install


This application is preconfigured with End-to-End testing and the test case is written in Jasmine.

We run the test scripts with Protractor end-to-end test runner. The test case file can be found in the e2e folder.

Protractor can interact with our web application and verify the test scripts.

We have to install WebDriver and also need to ensure it is updated. Open a separate terminal and run the below npm script.

npm run update-webdriver

Open another terminal and run the below npm script. It will start web server to serve our application.

npm run serve

Once the web server is up and running, we can run the end-to-end tests using the below npm script

npm run test

Note: Since Protractor is using the Selenium Standalone Server, the Java Development Kit (JDK) need to be installed in your local machine.

If JDK is not installed in your local machine, you can download it from here.


The application is configured with browser-sync, so it will serve the web application in your default browser.

We used SystemJS for module loading.

You can use the below npm script to run the web application.

npm run start


You can also refer the below resources to know more details about Essential JS 2 components.


Essential JS 2 TypeScript quick start seed project for local development




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