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A set of fun/useful shaders for use in VRChat and Unity itself.
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Syn's Unity Shaders

A set of fun/useful shaders for use in VRChat and Unity.

As of 11/17/2018 I have moved the shaders from ShaderForge to Amplify.

I have also added example scenes and improved on a lot of the shaders code. There is also now a toon shader!

How to add to assets?

Download the latest release at the link below, and unzip into your Assets directory.

Avatar Shaders



A simple toon shader for VRChat models.

  • Mask Clip Value: Transparency Cutout percentage
  • Ramp: Determines the shape and color of the shadows
  • Outline Color: Color of the outline
  • Outline Size: Size of the outline
  • Shading: Overall brightness of the model.
  • Fake Lighting Toggle: Toggles a static light direction.
  • Fake Light Direction: Static light direction.


Swaps between two textures based on speed and harshness set.

  • Tint: Overall tint of the Texture
  • Speed: Speed of the scanline
  • Harshness: How soft or harsh the scanline is
  • Unlit: Toggles whether or not the material is Unlit

PanningOutline and Texture Overlay

Pans a texture around the outline and/or on-top of a mesh.

  • Unlit: Toggles whether or not the material is Unlit
  • Tint: Tint of MainTex
  • Overlay Amount: Amount of the OverlayTexture is shown
  • Overlay Speed: Vector2 (UV) speed of the Overlay's panning
  • Outline Speed: Vector2 (UV) speed of the outline's panning
  • Outline Width: Width of the outline (Smaller numbers work best EX .002)


Example scene: Examples/Water +
Simulates nice looking water.

  • Specular: Specularity of the water
  • Gloss: Glossiness of the water, higher the more wet looking.
  • Specular Darkness: Changes the darkness of the specular highlights.
  • Master Opacity: Controls the opacity of the water.
  • Depth Based Opacity: Enables depth based opacity simulating darker/lighter waters with background geometery.
  • Opacity Depth: How far it takes to go from 0-1 opacity.
  • Water Tint: Overall tint of the water.
  • Water Overlay: Allows for a texture to be overlayed onto the water.
  • Normal Speed: Speed the normals pan.
  • Normal 2 Offset: Offset of the copy of the first normals
  • Reflection Probe: Set to a cubemap to give reflections of a skybox
  • Reflection Strength: Intensity of the reflection, smaller is more.

Tesselation Options

  • Tesselation Factor: Amount of tesselation, used to smooth vertex movement.
  • Max Tes Distance: Maximum distance for tesselation effect.
  • Min Tes Distance: Minimum distance for tesselation effect.

Gertscher Wave Vertex Offset

  • Vertex Offset Toggle: Disables/Enables the wave function
  • Wave Amplitude: Can be used to set amount of waves
  • Wave Height: Height of the waves
  • Wave Speed: Speed of the waves
  • Wave Direction 1-4: Changes the shape and direction of the waves. Having multiple values is generally desirable.
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