2FA authentication plugin for sysPass based on TOTP algorithm (RFC 6238)
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Signed-off-by: nuxsmin <nuxsmin@syspass.org>
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sysPass Authenticator Plugin

Plugin to use two factor based authentication with applications that generate TOTP codes like Google Authenticator, AndOTP or KeepassXC

Please, select the correct branch in order to download a sysPass compatible version:

  • sysPass v3: Master branch or 2.0
  • sysPass v2: 1.0 branch

v2 Installation

As told above, this version is only compatible with sysPass v3 and it needs to be installed through composer.

Please select the installation method depending on the instance type:

  • If you are running a non-Docker based instance:

composer require syspass/plugin-authenticator:^v2.0

  • If you are running a Docker based instance, set syspass/plugin-authenticator:^v2.0 value within an environment variable called COMPOSER_EXTENSIONS.

v1 Installation

Please download the v1 branch files and unpack them into .../inc/Plugins directory.