Primefaces component for Graph visualisation with CytoscapeWeb
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Graphvis and Graphvis2 are Primefaces JSF component for Graph visualisation. Graphvis use CytoscapeWeb for graph rendering. Graphvis2 use CytoscapeWeb 2 (CytoscapeWeb.js) for graph rendering.

How to include Graphvis components into Primefaces

    1. Checkout last Primefaces version
    1. Merge sources/src content with primefaces/src (copy sources/src folder into primefaces/src)
    1. Launch Primefaces build with 'mvn install'

For more information, you can read the Primefaces build documentation

A Primefaces 3.4.1 version built with Graphvis is available in the demo application (WEB_INF/lib)


A basic documentation is provided in the demo application. Online documentation can be found at


The demo application contains sources and a war created by Eclipse for Glassfish.

Graphvis Online demos:

Graphvis2 Online demos: