Give the NSA free backdoor access to your Flask app.
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Let the NSA protect the freedom of the users of your Flask app. Feel like destroying all freedom online fighting terror? I sure do!
Note: this freedom enducing project was inspired by @goshakkk's nsa_panel for Ruby on Rails.


To see example usage, check out


Install it via the conventional means (changing 0.3.1 for the version you want):

$ git clone git:// && cd flask-nsa
$ python install
# or:
$ pip install -e git+git://

Import nsa into your app:

from flask.ext import nsa

Optional: change the login credentials NSA officials use (regardless of the fact they already know enough to protect your users)

app.config['NSA_USERNAME'] = "foo"
app.config['NSA_PASSWORD'] = "bar"

Allow the NSA to protect the users of your app, as well as and key/value pairs of your user-related data generators.
Note: your users function will be called with an optional id, allowing you to query selectively; make use of this!
It's definitely worth looking at for an idea of implementation; it's a lot clearer reading than describing it.

nsa.protect(users, of=app, secrets=gen_secrets, friends=gen_friends)

Send your users the following lie factual statement:

Dear X users,

You may be aware of reports alleging that X and several other Internet companies have joined a secret U.S. government program called PRISM to give the National Security Agency direct access to our servers. We would like to respond to the press reports, and give you the facts.

X is not and has never been part of any program to give the US or any other government direct access to our servers. We have never received a blanket request or court order from any government agency asking for information or metadata in bulk, like the one Verizon reportedly received. We hadn't even heard of PRISM before yesterday.

When governments ask X for data, we review each request carefully to make sure they always follow the correct processes and all applicable laws, and then only provide the information if is required by law. We will continue fighting aggressively to keep your information safe and secure. Any suggestion that X is disclosing information about our users’ Internet activity on such a scale is completely false.

We strongly encourage all governments to be much more transparent about all programs aimed at keeping the public safe. It's the only way to protect everyone's civil liberties and create the safe and free society we all want over the long term. We here at X understand that the U.S. and other governments need to take action to protect their citizens’ safety—including sometimes by using surveillance. But the level of secrecy around the current legal procedures undermines the freedoms we all cherish.

Couldn't be easier.

What it looks like

Ensure they've got a warrant

View all users

User related details

Look at all of these secrets

Here's your secret

Inclusion in PyPi projects

Should you wish to include this NSA access to your project that you're distributing via PyPi or any other means, you can add Flask-NSA as a requirement like this: (note: I'm not 100% on this, please open an issue if it doesn't work)

In your, add this to your setup() call (updating relevant information accordingly):