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This static website is built with Hugo as site generator, using Tailwind CSS as CSS Framework. Please improve by providing content, translations or code.

Start development

  1. Make sure to have hugo installed.
  2. Make sure npm is installed
  3. Make sure postcss dependencies are installed npm install -g postcss postcss-cli
  4. Make sure theme dependencies are installed cd themes/systemli && npm i
  5. Run hugo server for preview
  6. Visit http://localhost:1313/


Add new pages or posts

To create a new page, run the corresponding command. In each case: Replace with a unique name.

TODO: commands for different archetypes


The static content on the homepage comes from content/[lang]/ The image and links are maintained in the frontmatter. Additionally, there is a toggle in the frontmatter to hide this content from the start page (hideStaticContent).


If you want services to appear on the homepage, make sure to properly fill out service_bar_title and icon in the frontmatter of the relevant files. Vice versa: If you don't want them to show, delete these properties from the frontmatter (don't just leave blank, delete).

If you want to mark a service as being in beta status, add beta: true to the frontmatter. Don't forget to change the icon from grayscale to color once you remove the beta flag.