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A bot example using cognitive services for my edUi Conference talk.
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edUi Conference 2017 Presentation

This repo houses the coding examples and demos for my edUi Conference (2017) talk on bots.

This particular repository is a sister repository to an example bot demo. That repo's code is designed to showcase many of the dialog and UI functionality that Microsoft's Bot Builder offers. This repo is designed to showcase the available cognitive service integration.

How to install and run

From a shell:

git clone
cd conf-edui2017-cogbot
npm install
tsc -p tsconfig.json
node server.js

You'll need the Bot Framework Emulator to interact with it.

Note: This project is outdated, and was an example of Bot Framework SDK v3 functionality. The LUIS application for this bot is no longer functional. Feel free to check out my other bot repositories.

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