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choose-pane Build Status

choose pane by label.


How to start

  1. Configure keymap in your keymap.cson. (no default keymap except [, ] to activate next/previous tab).
  2. Invoke choose-pane:start from that keymap.
  3. Label is shown on panels and panes
  4. Choose label where you want to focus


  • Current active pane is highlighted by different color.
  • You can quickly back to last-focused pane by choose-pane:last-focused in choosing mode. This last-focused pane denoted by underlined label.


scope: atom-workspace

  • choose-pane:start: Start label choosing.
  • choose-pane:focus-last-focused: Focus last focused pane or panel without showing label.

scope: atom-text-editor#choose-pane-editor

  • choose-pane:last-focused: Choose last-focused(underlined) label.

Style customization

You can customize label style in style.less.

example 1: simple demonstration

.choose-pane {
  color: white;
  &.active {
    color: green;
  &.last-focused {
    text-decoration: line-through;

example 2: dim current pane, weak green highlight for target panes

Based on suggestion by @andyngo.

.choose-pane {
  background-color: rgba(112, 182, 101, .1);
  &.active {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);
    color: fade(@syntax-text-color, 50);

Keymap example

  • for normal user
  'ctrl-;': 'choose-pane:start'
  'cmd-k ;': 'choose-pane:focus-last-focused'

# Back to last focused.
  'ctrl-;': 'choose-pane:last-focused'
  • Mine(I'm vim-mode-plus user)
  '-': 'choose-pane:start'
  'm m': 'choose-pane:focus-last-focused'

  '-': 'choose-pane:start'
  'm m': 'choose-pane:focus-last-focused'

# For tree-view
  '-': 'choose-pane:start'
  'm m': 'choose-pane:focus-last-focused'

# Map '-', so that I can focus last-focused element by typing `-` twice.
  '-': 'choose-pane:last-focused'

Label customization

From setting view, change labelChars.
Label is always matched case insensitively.