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Toggle keyword



  • toggle:here: Toggle word under cursor.
  • toggle:there: Toggle word on current line without moving cursor.
  • toggle:visit: Toggle word on current line and move to toggled word.
  • toggle:open-config: Open user's wordGroup configuration file.


No keymap by default.


  • normal user
  'ctrl--': 'toggle:there'
  '-': 'toggle:there'


When this package search candidate word to be toggled from current line, it scan word with regular expression /\b\w+\b/.
So you can only toggle word matches \w+ or [A-Za-z0-9_]+.
This mean you cannot set special character as toggle words e.g. <, <=.


Add custom words

From command Palette, execute Toggle: Open Config.

# '*' is wildcard scope, which is always searched as last resort.
'*': [
  ['yes'   , 'no']
  ['up'    , 'down']
  ['right' , 'left']
  ['true'  , 'false']
  ['high'  , 'low']
  ['column', 'row']
  ['and'   , 'or']
  ['not'   , '']
  ['on'    , 'off']
  ['in'    , 'out']
  ['one'   , 'two'   , 'three']
  ['bar'   , 'bar']
'': [
  ['is'  , 'isnt']
  ['if'  , 'unless']

Flash color customization

@keyframes toggle-flash {
  from { background-color: @syntax-selection-flash-color; }
  to { background-color: transparent; }

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