Benchmark and load test MS SQL Server
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Benchmark and load test MS SQL Server.

Example Usage

SQLDriver -r 5 -t 10 -c "server=localhost;initial catalog=master;integrated security=SSPI" -s "select @@servername"

SQLDriver -r 5 -t 10 -c "server=localhost;initial catalog=master;integrated security=SSPI" -s "select @@servername" -o "c:\results.csv"

Both of these commands will:

  • Use 10 threads
  • To execute the specified command (select @@servername) 5 times (50 times in total)
  • On the server localhost
  • Ouput percentile timings for the run, as well as the number of errors

The second command also:

  • Outputs the timings (ms per execution) to the file c:\results.csv

Run the program without any parameters for a list of all options.

The program will also print summary statistics once execution is complete: sample output

Building the project

Clone the repository and run the following from the src folder:

dotnet build

To build an executable, publish with the appropriate config for your platform:

dotnet publish -c Release -r win10-x64


Although there are plenty of other tools out there (OStress, HammerDB, SQLQueryStress - to name just a few) none of them were an exact fit for what I'm trying to do in a benchmarking project, so I built this tool and I'm open sourcing it in the hope someone else will benefit from it.


Using the MinimalOutput argument (-m) SQLDriver can be used to produce summary data. The following script runs the benchmark 10 times and outputs the results to a csv.

"id,threads,repeats,duration,completed,failed,median,p90,p95,p99,p999,max" | Out-File results.csv

for($threads = 1; $threads -le 8; $threads++) {
    .\SQLDriver.exe -r 5 -t $threads -c "server=localhost;initial catalog=master;integrated security=sspi" -s "select @@servername" -m -i "sample" *>> results.csv

The CSV can then be analysed in Power BI, Excel, etc.


Contributions welcome, please raise an issue before submitting a PR.