A new C client for Tarantool 1.6+
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Tarantool C client libraries



Tarantool-c is a client library written in C for Tarantool. The current version is 1.0

Tarantool-c depends on msgpuck.

For documentation, please, visit github pages.

It consinsts of:

  • tnt - tarantool IProto/networking library


This project using CMake for generating Makefiles:

$ cmake .
$ make
#### For testing against installed tarantool
$ make test
#### For building documentation using Doxygen
$ make doc
#### For installing into system (headers+libraries)
$ make install

Or you can install it using yum/apt into your favorite linux distribution from tarantool's repository


Start tarantool at port 3301 using this command:

box.cfg{ listen = '3301' }

After you've installed tarantool-c build and execute this code:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include <tarantool/tarantool.h>
#include <tarantool/tnt_net.h>
#include <tarantool/tnt_opt.h>

int main() {
    const char * uri = "localhost:3301";
    struct tnt_stream * tnt = tnt_net(NULL); // Allocating stream
    tnt_set(tnt, TNT_OPT_URI, uri); // Setting URI
    tnt_set(tnt, TNT_OPT_SEND_BUF, 0); // Disable buffering for send
    tnt_set(tnt, TNT_OPT_RECV_BUF, 0); // Disable buffering for recv
    tnt_connect(tnt); // Initialize stream and connect to Tarantool
    tnt_ping(tnt); // Send ping request
    struct tnt_reply * reply = tnt_reply_init(NULL); // Initialize reply
    tnt->read_reply(tnt, reply); // Read reply from server
    tnt_reply_free(reply); // Free reply
    tnt_close(tnt); tnt_stream_free(tnt); // Close connection and free stream object

For more examples, please, visit test/tarantool-tcp.c or test/tarantool-unix.c files.

For RPM/DEB packages - use instructions from http://tarantool.org/download.html to add repositories.