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TARS Foundation is the neutral home for open source Microservices projects that empower any industry to quickly turn ideas into applications at scale.


  1. Tars Tars Public

    Tars is a high-performance RPC framework based on name service and Tars protocol, also integrated administration platform, and implemented hosting-service via flexible schedule.

    C++ 9.8k 2.1k

  2. TarsGo TarsGo Public

    A high performance microservice framework in golang. A linux foundation project.

    Go 3.3k 508

  3. TarsJava TarsJava Public

    Java language framework rpc source code implementation

    Java 397 167

  4. TarsWeb TarsWeb Public

    TARS Projects Dashboard

    JavaScript 140 99

  5. TarsFramework TarsFramework Public

    Tars Basic service framework

    C++ 197 142

  6. TarsCpp TarsCpp Public

    C++ language framework rpc source code implementation

    C++ 511 250


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