The Tasit mobile Ethereum dapps: A Decentraland app, a demo app for the Tasit SDK, etc.
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Tasit is a suite of mobile apps for mainstream users that lets them use popular Ethereum dapps.

Unlike with Status, Coinbase Wallet, Cipher, or other dapp browsers, you can use the dapp via a standalone native mobile app.

Disclaimer: The alpha versions of these apps are under active development. We encourage you to try them out today for hackathons, etc., but they're not ready for anything involving real funds on mainnet. If you'd prefer to wait for a more battle-tested release, please watch this repo with the Releases only setting and/or sign up to be notified about our releases on the website.

The focus for the Tasit products is on providing simple, third-party clients for popular dapps. The Tasit apps will provide more delightful UX and simpler onboarding for the dapp and in some cases extra features too.

The apps are all built using the Tasit SDK and React Native.

Tasit Demo

Our first demo app is called Tasit Demo.

It's an app that shows off how easy it is to build a standalone native mobile app for Ethereum NFTs using the Tasit SDK.

The app is built using React Native, Expo, React Navigation, Prettier, Babel, and the Tasit SDK.

  • Ephemeral account and private key generation
  • Uses a simple ERC721 abstraction from the Tasit SDK for reading and writing data and reacting to events
  • A working demo of onboarding with a few things still hardcoded for users who already have funds stored
  • A working demo of onboarding for users new to Ethereum
  • Minimal proof-of-concept app ready to ship to TestFlight for iOS using a testnet
Getting started
git clone
cd tasit
cd demo
npm i
npm start
Review the code

Here's the code for the demo app.

Tasit Decentraland

Our first production app is called Tasit Decentraland.

Decentraland is a dapp using unique tokens / NFTs. Tasit Decentraland lets you use that dapp on mobile.

This is the first production Tasit NFT app - we plan to release other similar 3rd-party apps for other popular NFT projects.

Here's an interactive wireframe video showing how this app will look for an example ERC721 NFT like Decentraland.

This app also shows off the major functionality of the Tasit SDK.

Coming soon

A Tasit list app

Exact list project T.B.D. (TCRs / FCRs)

A Tasit org app

Exact org project T.B.D. (DAOs)

A Tasit market app

Exact market project T.B.D. (Two-sided marketplaces like Gitcoin, CryptoCribs, OpenSea, etc.)

...with more to come

The road ahead

In the long run, Tasit will stitch together components from multiple dapps into novel experiences, like delegating your vote for a particular TCR to a preexisting Aragon organization, or decorating your Dharma loans with the same hats you use for your CryptoKitties because...reasons?


This is a monorepo for all of the open-source Tasit 3rd-party mobile apps for Ethereum dapps

These apps all use the Tasit SDK.

For more info, please visit our website:

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We love getting feedback, so please feel free to reach out.