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Redmine Java API
Latest commit 6ce0ab9 Jun 19, 2016 Alexey Skorokhodov Issue #249 Support for optional "closed_on" field in Issue

Redmine/Chiliproject Java API.

  • Uses Redmine's REST API (don't forget to enable it in Redmine server settings).
  • Does not require any plugins installed on Redmine/Chiliproject server.
  • Runs on any standard Java 7+ platform (Android does not have standard Java).
  • Supports HTTP proxy
  • Supports GZipped responses from servers
  • Uses SLF4J for logging. Provide your own SLF4J binding
  • Supported Redmine versions
  • Available in Maven Central.

Gradle dependency:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.taskadapter:redmine-java-api:2.6.0'

Check the latest release version in Maven Central

Sample code.

Get list of issues

String uri = "";
String apiAccessKey = "somekey";
String projectKey = "taskconnector-test";
Integer queryId = null; // any

RedmineManager mgr = RedmineManagerFactory.createWithApiKey(uri, apiAccessKey);
List<Issue> issues = mgr.getIssueManager().getIssues(projectKey, queryId);
for (Issue issue : issues) {

Get related objects when retrieving issues

issue = issueManager.getIssueById(123, Include.journals, Include.relations, Include.attachments, 
                          Include.changesets, Include.watchers);
journals = issue.getJournals();

Create an issue

Issue issue = IssueFactory.createWithSubject("test123");
Version ver = VersionFactory.create(512);
IssueCategory cat = IssueCategoryFactory.create(673);
ProjectManager projectManager = manager.getProjectManager();
Project projectByKey = projectManager.getProjectByKey("testid");

Get issue by Id

Issue retrievedIssue = issueManager.getIssueById(123);

Get all projects

List<Project> projects = mgr.getProjectManager().getProjects();

Free-form search for users

Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>();
params.put("name", name);
List<User> list = userManager.getUsers(params);

Create a group and add user to it

Group template = GroupFactory.create("group " + System.currentTimeMillis());
Group group = userManager.createGroup(template);
User newUser = userManager.createUser(UserGenerator.generateRandomUser());
userManager.addUserToGroup(newUser, group);

Delete user

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