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The WHATWG HTML5 spec as machine-readable JSON
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This repository contains Python code that generates machine-readable JSON from the WHATWG HTML Living Standard and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)

This is a work-in-progress and incomplete without a stable format. Contributions are very welcome. Regardless, even in this undeveloped state, this project is still a good basis for many real-world applications.

See also: HTML5 Relax NG schema

Type make to download and parse the spec.

Scope & Mission Statement

Much of HTML5 depends on context and subtle semantics. Checking this may either be extremely computationally expensive, or express the intention of the author in a way that not even a human reader can validate for certain. Additionally, it is challenging to represent complex rules in a language-agnostic way.

This machine-readable specification will, therefore, always be incomplete. Sometimes the best we can practically do is provide human-readable hints in descriptions. Therefore, this machine-readable specification aims to assist a human author and catch obvious errors - but not replace the human author entirely.

Projects using html5spec.json

Please open an issue or pull request to add a project to this list.

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