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Initial experiments with a Chrome plug-in / emacs .org file mashup
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BrainTool is a Chrome extension that can be used as a unique standalone hierarchical bookmarks manager but which also synchronizes with a plain text emacs org-mode style file on your Google Drive. The BrainTool panel in Chrome uses the org-mode tree structure but concentrates on the links within your notes thus unifying, at least for me, the two main ways I capture information.

Currently it is at a minimal MVP-for-me level of functionality so I have not published it. If you want to try it clone the extension folder and create it as a local extension:

  • open chrome extensions
  • toggle developer mode on
  • click the "Load unpacked" button and point to the extension code location
  • the extension now shows as an icon in your tool bar
  • click the icon!

There's more info in the Overview (which won't use my Jekyll style for some unknown reason). Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback.


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