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@technomancy technomancy released this Oct 27, 2017 · 67 commits to master since this release

2.8.1 / 2017-10-27

  • Fix a bug where lein help couldn't list built-in tasks on Java 9. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where lein installed from package managers would obscure exit code. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix an errant reflection warning on Java 9. (Toby Crawley)
  • Fix an error when no :plugins are specified. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where launching project subprocesses would encounter unreadable forms. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Remove auto-setting of cgroups memory limit. (Florian Anderiasch)


@technomancy technomancy released this Oct 18, 2017 · 99 commits to master since this release

2.8.0 / 2017-10-17

  • Support LEIN_USE_BOOTCLASSPATH for users on Java 8. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Disable bytecode verification in Leiningen's own JVM for Java 9 compatibility. (Ghadi Shayban)
  • Infer values for pom <scm> tag from .git directory. (Nicolas Berger)


@technomancy technomancy released this Sep 18, 2017 · 116 commits to master since this release

2.8.0-RC1 / 2017-09-18

  • Project middleware, hooks, and the :test profile are considered deprecated. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • JVMs on 8u131 and newer will default to using cgroups settings for memory limits. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Add :query subcommand to deps to quickly find latest versions. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where dependency resolution wasn't cached correctly. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Warn when $CLASSPATH is set. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Remove warning when running as root. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Add :why subtask to deps for tracing individual deps. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Remove clj-http and cheshire dependencies, reducing likelihood of conflict (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Warn when plugin dependencies conflict with Leiningen's own. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where repls outside a project were not run in Leiningen's own process. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Add :plugin-tree and :tree-data subtasks to deps. (Ken Restivo)
  • Support skipping bootclasspath for Java 9 compatibility. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow vcs task to skip signing tags. (Nicolas Berger)
  • The search task no longer downloads indices but hits live search APIs. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Remove duplicate exclusions in lein deps (Emlyn Corrin)
  • Leiningen is now installable again via chocolatey (Florian Anderiasch)
  • Dependency names can be specified as strings in addition to symbols (Wes Morgan)


@hypirion hypirion released this Sep 21, 2016 · 274 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for SDKMAN! as installation alternative. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Improved explanation in some errors. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Don't require nil for version in managed deps. (Chris Price)
  • Fix a bug with snapshot dependencies for managed deps. (Chris Price)


@hypirion hypirion released this Aug 24, 2016 · 296 commits to master since this release

  • Add PowerShell script for Windows users. (Brian Lalonde)
  • Run :prep-tasks before lein test, so generated test namespaces will be tested. (Martin Reck)
  • Better error message when attempting to do lein run without project.clj. (Eduardo Seabra Silva)
  • Add support for :managed-dependencies. (Chris Price)
  • Provide the current clojars certificate. (Toby Crawley)
  • Add *eval-print-dup* to evaluate forms passed to eval-in-leiningen with *print-dup*. (Eduardo Seabra Silva)
  • Update bash completions. (Zack Dever)
  • Respect :scm :dir in lein vcs commands. (Ian Kerins)
  • Improve whitespace handling from JVM_OPTS. (Stephen Nelson)
  • Catch and handle fixture errors during lein test. (Alex Hall)
  • Fix a bug where spaces in directory names on Windows caused crashes. (Leon Mergen, Tobias Kiertscher, Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Fix a bug where lein search would take forever downloading (Paul Dorman)
  • Retain user defined private repositories when building jars, uberjars and deploy. (Rick Moynihan)
  • Honor whitelist settings when lein javac is called via lein jar. (Chris Price)
  • lein vsc push for git will now only push branch-related tags. (Łukasz Klich)


@hypirion hypirion released this Feb 8, 2016 · 378 commits to master since this release

  • Fix a bug where some plugins crashed when used. (Jean Niklas L'orange)


@hypirion hypirion released this Feb 5, 2016 · 383 commits to master since this release

  • The templates, repl and Leiningen itself now uses Clojure 1.8.
  • Support for Clojure 1.1.0 and older is now dropped.
  • Warn if possibly stale native dependencies end up in :native-path. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Speed up restarts after :dependency changes. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • lein release now supports SNAPSHOT on qualifiers. (Chris Price)
  • Synchronise lein-pkg and lein scripts. (Thu Trang Pham)
  • Decrease timeout for the Clojure compiler agent thread pool. (Ryan Fowler)
  • Fix a bug where implicit resource directories were created by default. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Avoid optimizing away stack traces by default. (solicode)
  • Fix a bug where duplicate profiles were merged when profile merging. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Improved GPG artifact signing feedback. (Jean Niklas L'orange, Andrea Richiardi)
  • Add function to support binary files with lein-new. (Sergiy Bondaryev)
  • Show better error message when java is not found on the path. (Pavel Prokopenko, Jürgen Hötzel)
  • Fix a bug with non-GitHub SCM urls in pom files. (Ralf Schmitt)
  • Don't send aot warning if :aot contains regex matching the main namespace. (Emlyn Corrin)


@hypirion hypirion released this Sep 21, 2015 · 475 commits to master since this release

  • Add to default lein templates. (Daniel Compton)
  • lein vcs tag now supports the --no-sign flag. (Daniel Compton)
  • Fix a bug where javac errors were not printed to terminal. (Brandon Shimanek)
  • Fix a bug where environment variables were not propagated down to GPG. (Brandon Shimanek)
  • lein retest now saves information on which tests that fail. (Shalaka Patil)


@hypirion hypirion released this Aug 9, 2015 · 516 commits to master since this release

  • Allow repl dependencies to be specified in default user profiles. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Fix a bug where transitive dependencies on tools.nrepl failed. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Fix a bug preventing custom certificates to work. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Add support for reader conditional files. (Stephen Nelson)
  • Add --template-version flag to lein new. (Ohta Shogo)
  • Bail immediately if snapshot dependencies are discovered during uberjaring. (Justin Smith)
  • Use powershell by default in lein.bat. (Frederick Giasson, Florian Anderiasch)
  • Fix bug where manifest files could contain duplicate entries. (Michael Blume)
  • Allow template designers to use a custom rendering function. (Dmitri Sotnikov)
  • Fix a bug where :uberjar-name wasn't used when inside the :uberjar profile. (Kyle Harrington)


@technomancy technomancy released this Jan 9, 2015 · 645 commits to master since this release

  • No longer skip certificate checking when upgrading on Windows. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix password prompt for Cygwin users. (Carsten Behring)
  • Fix a bug where lein pom did not add the project's SCM URL to pom.xml. (Fredrick Giasson)
  • lein clean now cleans up all profile targets. (Jeb Beich, Jim Crossley)
  • The order included profiles are merged in is now retained. (Jim Crossley)
  • Fix a bug preventing update-in to use functions not yet required. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow multiple :repl profiles. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Fix an infinite recursion bug with aliases and with-profile. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Add flexibility in jar manifest declarations. (Fabio Tudone)
  • Fix a bug preventing extra profiles from being included in jars. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Fix a bug in self-install on Windows. (Sindunata Sudarmaji)