Mire is a simple MUD written in Clojure
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It's a nonviolent MUD. (Multi-User Dungeon)


Install Leiningen if you haven't already:

$ curl -O ~/bin/lein http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/raw/stable/bin/lein
$ chmod 755 bin/lein

Then do lein run inside the Mire directory to launch the Mire server. Then players can connect by telnetting to port 3333.


This code is not that interesting as a game, though I suppose something fun could be built using it as a base. The primary purpose of it is as a demonstration of how to build a simple multithreaded app in Clojure.

Mire is built up step-by-step, where each step introduces one or two small yet key Clojure principles and builds on the last step. The steps each exist in separate git branches. To get the most out of reading Mire, you should start reading in the branch called step-01-echo-server and continue from there.

While you can learn from Mire on its own, it has been written specifically for the PeepCode screencast on Clojure. A blog post steps through the codebase and shows how to make minor updates for a more recent version of Clojure.

Copyright © 2009-2012 Phil Hagelberg Licensed under the same terms as Clojure.