A C++ library that performs basic arithmetic operations on large integers
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BigIntegerCPP, a C++ Big Integer Library

BigIntegerCPP is a C++ library that performs basic arithmetic operations on large intergers which would not normally fit in a 64 bits integer.


At the present moment the library supports Big Integer Addition and Multiplication. In the future, I am planning to implement the Substraction and Division operations. Feel free to fork the project and add your own code.


To test run the following commands

make tests


// Create two big integers
BigInteger a("35742549198872617291353508656626642567");
BigInteger b("1298074214633706835075030044377087");

// Perfom the addition and multiplication of the big integers
// and store the result in new objects
BigInteger c = a + b;
BigInteger d = a * b;

// Display the operands (Big Integers) and opration result (another Big Integer)
cout << a << " + " << b << " = " << c << endl;
cout << a << " * " << b << " = " << d << endl;

Run Demo:

I have included a single file implementation for your convenience.
To run the demo uncomment the code in 'BigIntegerSingleFile' then run the following commands

make demo


Please report any bugs you found in the library by email to mahmoud at devgator dot com.
I will appreciate it if you include the test case where the library failed.


Mahmoud Mechehoul