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Spring Boot Kotlin js Project

This project is an application skeleton for a full-stack spring boot app written entirely with Kotlin.

Spring Boot Server side and UI component written with Kotlin

Full Tutorial coming soon

Spring Boot app with Kotlin and Kotlin.js

What's in this project?

  1. spring-boot app to run server
  2. Kotlin js to write UI components
  3. Kotlin Dependencies
  4. gradle to build/compile/transcompile kotlin

How to Use:


Run Spring Boot Server

$ ./gradlew bootRun

Run web-pack dev server with continues reload

$ ./gradlew jsBrowserDevelopmentRun -t

Build project

On Windows

$ gradlew.bat build

On Linux / Mac

$ ./gradlew build

once the build is finished then the final "fat-jar" will be inside a zip file including a script to run it: build/distributions/

Project structure

This project consists of:

  • jvmMain
    • this is where server-side springboot implementation exists
  • jvmTest
    • springboot tests goes here
  • commonMain
    • consists of shared implementations between back-end and front-end
    • do not include any secrets in this module as it is share with front-end
  • commonTest
    • common tests
  • jsMain
    • this is the front-end module that renders the single page application
  • jsTest
    • front-end browser tests goes here

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