A simple client for Atlassian JIRA service REST API
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A simple client for Atlassian JIRA service REST API

Available on NuGet as TechTalk.JiraRestClient


  1. List or enumerate issues of a project
  • Get queryable issue collection
  • Create, load and delete issues
  • Update some issue fields
    • summary
    • description
    • labels
    • original estimate
    • custom fields ('customfield_<id>')
  • Query and apply state transitions
  • List the watchers of an issue
  • List, create and delete comments
  • List, create and delete attachments
  • List, create and delete issue links
  • List, create, update and delete issue remote links
  • List issue types
  • Query server info

Version History

1.0.0 initial version

1.0.1 removed dependency on Newtonsoft.Json

1.0.2 fixed the bug introduced in 1.0.1

1.0.3 fields set to null are not updated

1.0.4 list issues of a given type within a project

1.0.5 exceptions contain more information

1.0.6 support for issue state transitions

1.0.7 support for issue remote links (attached URLs)

1.0.8 support for custom issue fields ('customfield_<id>')

2.1.0 support for reading actors per issue

2.2.0 support for querying issue types and server info

2.3.0 ability to enumerate through issues of a project

2.4.0 various small changes:

  • made the JiraClient thread safe
  • JQL exposed to the client interface via the GetIssuesByQuery method

2.4.1 use internal property JiraIdentifier on LoadIssue and UpdateIssue

2.4.2 use internal property JiraIdentifier on CreateAttachment

2.5.0 ability to specify the list of fields returned by the EnumerateIssues method

2.6.0 added IQueryable support:

  • new EnumerateIssuesByQuery(jqlQuery, fields, startIndex) method
  • marked some methods Obsolete, favoring the newly added method
  • initial version of queryable issue collection (see submodule)