Basic PowerShell examples for interacting with HP iLO via the RestAPI
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Basic PowerShell construct for interacting with HP iLO via the RestAPI


Collection of functions that can be leveraged to establish session connection and interact with HP iLO RestAPI using PowerShell


  • New-HpSession
    • Creates an ILO session and returns the session details
  • Remove-HpSession
    • Closes an existing ILO session
  • Get-HPSetting
    • Gets settings from the HP BIOS using the ILO API
  • Test-Call
    • Testing function only for interacting with various iLO API URI's
  • Set-HPBIOSSettings
    • Makes changes to the BIOS that are specified in the JSON payload


  • HP Gen9 Server with iLO capability

How to run

  1. Establish an iLO session

$session = New-HpSession -ip $ip -username $username -password $password ```

  • Note: If your workstation isn't configured to trust the iLO cert the New-HpSession will prompt you if you wish to temporarily ignore the iLO cert warning
  1. Interact with the session

Get-HPSetting -Session $session -Config "Boot" ```

  • This will retrieve the pending BIOS settings

Get-HPSetting -Session $session -Config "Running" ```

  • This will retrieve the current BIOS settings

Test-Call -IP $ip -Session $session ```

  • This will retrieve information for the non-commented URI. This test function contains several URI examples so you can experiment with retrieving info from each one by commenting out and un-commenting different addresses

Set-HPBIOSSettings -IP $ip -Json $json -Session $session ```

  • This will send the specified JSON payload and make real changes to the server based on options specified in the JSON payload
  1. Remove the iLO session

Remove-HpSession -Session $Session ```


Authors: Jake Morrison