Digital Sound Processing for on the Arduino.
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Arduino DSP

Update 2015-03-21

I've been receiving a couple of emails inquiring about this project the past years,
and I feel I should have left a few more notes in this readme.

The reason to why this project has been pretty much abondoned is because the Arduino doesn't have enough
processing-power to accomplish any realtime signal processing. 
So after finally managing to get this project to just do a plain Audio-passthrough and realize
the extremely bad quality and chunkyness of the sound I started looking for alternatives.

The raspberry has more juice but also alot more overhead thus, I've never
had good results with the highlevel DSP tools like jackd & rackarrack etc..

The Arduino DUE might cut this cheese.

But currently I've switched my attention over to the Papilio Pro, it's become a long-term project...
I'll let you know once I have anything more for share.

Digital signal processing for the arduino. This is my personal working project based on the original work done by Kyle McDonald

The circuits I use are almost identical to Kyle's will have to document them later.