postgres++ async C++ driver is a thin libpq wrapper in C++ for PostgreSQL that aims to make libpq easier to use. It has asynchronous behavior and depends on Boost.ASIO for async operations. It makes use of C++11 variadic templates for parameter-ed functions like PQsendQueryParams.
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postgres++ is a thin libpq wrapper that aims to make libpq easier to use.

It is designed to be exteremely simple and thin. It has the following basic but time saving features:

# Connection Pooling

It has an internal connection pool with minimum and maximum connection limits and unused connection killer.

# Asynchronous

It provides asynchronous database operations using Boost.ASIO under the hood.

# Safer & Easier

It uses the power of C++11 variadic templates in conjunction with PQsendQueryParam. It is both extremely easier and safer to use the parametered send query with variadic templates.

# Cleaner Code

It tries to take advantage of RAII where possible. It is more difficult to suffer from a memory leak and naturally leads to easier and cleaner code.

More Information

The project uses GYP as its build system. It is easy to figure out and shell script for building will be added.

This project is licensed under:



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