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yet another rotate-tiles-to-connect-loops game
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yet another rotate-tiles-to-connect-loops game.

Inspired by:

Live Demo

Version History


  • Use version numbers

before 1.0.0

  • Square tiling
  • Hex tiling
  • One color (2 possible states per edge)
  • Two color without overlap (3 states)
  • Two color with overlap (4 states)
  • Cement mode (tiles lock after you touch them)
  • Rough edges (the edge can be locked tiles instead of always blank)
  • Toroidal topoly (loops left/right and up/down)
  • Island of locked tiles in the middle of toroidal levels
  • "Smell the roses" after completing a level before the transition to the next level


npm install
./node_modules/.bin/tsc --sourceMap --removeComments --strict --noImplicitAny --strictNullChecks --strictFunctionTypes --strictPropertyInitialization --noImplicitThis --alwaysStrict --noUnusedLocals --noUnusedParameters --noImplicitReturns --noFallthroughCasesInSwitch public/a.ts
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