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Initial sketch of a Python API and CLI for Ninja Blocks.

Install with pip:

$ pip install -e git+

Then create a file with your user_access_token (from the Ninja Blocks settings tab -> API -> API Access Token):

$ echo "TOKENHERE" > ~/ninja_token.txt

Now read and actuate to your heart's content:

$ pyninja -h                     # shows all available commands
$ pyninja user info              # information about the authenticated user
$ pyninja device list            # list of all devices available through the API, note the GUIDs
$ pyninja device info <guid>     # show info a specific device by GUID

Get information on a specific device by GUID:

$ pyninja device info 1234BB000000_0_0_1231
GUID: 1234BB000000_0_0_1231
Name: Temperature
Type: TemperatureNinjaDevice
Temperature: 24.3 C

You can actuate any device by providing the GUID and the value:

$ pyninja device actuate 1234BB000000_0_0_1234 00FF00

There is also bonus CSS3 colour support for any RGB LED (including the eyes):

$ pyninja device actuate 1234BB000000_0_0_1234 purple
$ pyninja device info 1234BB000000_0_0_1234
GUID: 1234BB000000_0_0_1234
Name: Nina's Eyes
Type: RGBLEDNinjaDevice
Color: #800080